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High Quality Teeth Whitening at Pleasant View Smiles

Pleasant View Smiles brings you effective teeth whitening methods that have been proven effective by our Pleasant View, TN patients. We offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening systems for your convenience and satisfaction. Both whitening treatments are safe and professionally supervised. Dr. Thomas Hadley and our team are dedicated to providing you only the best, effective cosmetic treatments to turn your smile from dull to bright.

Why choose our teeth whitening trays over teeth whitening products over the counter?

Our teeth whitening trays are professionally supervised, so you’re sure to have noticeably whiter teeth before you know it. We only use products that have been tried and tested. Your whitening tray is also customized according to your needs and goals. For at-home use, Dr. Hadley will teach you how to apply a thick peroxide-based gel to the trays. He will also show you how to use the trays for a gradual but effective whitening treatment. The regulation of our teeth whitening products, combined with Dr. Hadley’s expertise, has made our teeth whitening solutions popular with our patients. Dentist-regulated products are still the safest and most effective teeth whitening treatments.

Why teeth whitening?

The happy smiles of our Pleasant View, TN patients mean everything to us. We are aware that many people are conscious of their smiles because of stained, discolored teeth. Tooth whitening has become a priority for many people, as it can greatly improve one’s social life and career. It is also a painless, inexpensive solution to enhance the appearance of your your teeth and smile.


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Constantly worrying about discolored teeth can do you no good. However, you can do something about this concern with dentist-regulated teeth whitening products and techniques. 

Call Pleasant View Smiles today at (615) 746-3700 or visit our practice in Nashville, TN. Teeth whitening can bring out that confident and happy smile, the kind that comes from within.